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Will you ever learn? 5 Points Get killed by the map 10 times Medal Stats.
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Censored in Beast Trilogy 5 Points Rip the first dude's head off. Medal Stats.
Level 1 5 Points Level 1 Medal Stats.
Slaughter Rank: Impossible 50 Points [Career] Kill 5000 enemies in Arena Mode. Medal Stats.

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This post is just a little guide / list of hints for the game Crystal Story. I may update when I'm free and when I've found more Legendary items. Feel free to comment.

Crystal Story's skill descriptions are rather vague, so for this section, I'll explain what each skill actually does.

All Physical attacks, including skills like Omnislash, are affected by Accuracy.
All Magic attacks always hit; they are not affected by Accuracy.
Magical Buffs and Ailments always hit unless the target has Resistance.
It is possible to miss a Magic Attack but for its Buff/Ailment to hit.

Magical Buffs include:
Attack Up
Magic Up
Defense Up
MDef Up
Aim (never seen it)
Weak (Attack Down)
Magic Down
Defense Down
MDef Down

Ailments include:
Confuse (never seen it)

Sleep is probably an Ailment as it is can't be dispelled. Sleep will be removed when Physically attacked.
Silence is probably a Magic Buff.

Common Skills:
Fighter: Tristam, Phoebe, Reuben
Attack Up - Increase Attack, 1 player
Roar - Lower Attack, 1 enemy
Shear - Lower Magic, 1 enemy
Attack Up All - Increase Attack of party
Battle Cry - Lower Attack, all enemies
Wind Shear All - Lower Magic, all enemies

Rogue: Tristam, Kaeli, Phoebe
Haste - Increase Speed, 1 player
Armor Break - Lower Defense, 1 enemy
Haste All - Increase Speed of party
Armor Break All - Lower Defense, all enemies

Mage: Tristam, Kaeli, Reuben
Magic Up - Increase Magic, 1 player
Spirit Break - Lower MDef, 1 enemy
Slow - Lower Speed, 1 enemy
Dispell - Remove all magical buffs of 1 target (friend or foe)
Magic Up All - Increase Magic of party
Spi Break All - Lower MDef, all enemies
Slow All - Lower Speed, all enemies
Mass Dispell - Remove all magical buffs from everyone (friend and foe)

Healer: Kaeli, Phoebe, Reuben
Heal - Heal 1 player, can cast in map
Harden - Increase Defense, 1 player
Raise - Revive 1 player, can cast in map
Silence Attack - Physical, Silence, 1 enemy
Shell - Increase MDef, 1 player
Cure - Remove Ailments, 1 player
Heal All - Heal party. Can cast in map
Harden All - Increase Defense of party
Shell All - Increase MDef of party
Regen - 1 player, heal at start of his turn
Greater Heal - Heal 1 player, stronger than Heal, can cast in map

Player-specific Skills
Healer: Kaeli, Phoebe, Reuben
Regen All - Reuben only. Give Regen to party
Cure All - Phoebe and Reuben only. Remove Ailments from party
G Heal All - Kaeli and Phoebe only. Heal all, but stronger

Clear State - Kaeli level 30 heal. 1 player, Remove negative status effects, give Attack Up, Magic Up, Defense Up, MDef Up and Speed Up
Holy Light - Phoebe level 30 heal. Heal 1 player to full health and cure Ailments
Healing Water - Reuben level 30 heal. Heal party, give party Regen, MDef Up and Defense Up

Flame Strike - Magic, 1 enemy
Slice and Dice - Physical, 1 enemy
Enrage - Tristram gets Attack Up, Magic Up and Haste
Omnislash - Physical, hit random enemies up to 6 times. Can hit same enemy more than once

Burst - Magic, 1 enemy
Smoke Grenade - Blind, 1 enemy
Unst Explosion - Burst, with chance of multiple hits. Works like Omnislash
S Smoke Grenade - Blind, all enemies
Reinforce - Tristram gets Attack Up, Defense Up, MDef Up and Haste
Rocket Launcher - Unst Explosion, more damage, each hit may Stun

Fire Bolt - Magic, 1 enemy
Flame Wall - Magic, all enemies
Lava Burst - Fire Bolt with more damage
Rain of Fire - Flame Wall with more damage

Double Shot - Physical, 1 enemy, hits twice
Tranq Shot - Physical, 1 enemy, Sleep
Scatter Shot - Physical, all enemies
Lullaby - Sleep, all enemies
Cyclone - Magic, all enemies
Quickshot - Same as Tristram's Omnislash

Lightning Bolt - Magic, 1 enemy
Storm - Magic, 1 enemy, more damage than Lightning Bolt
Static Charge - Magic attack all enemies, Stun
Typhoon - Magic attack all enemies, MASSIVE damage

Bash - Physical, 1 enemy
Impale - Physical, 1 enemy, Stun
Shockwave - Physical, all enemies, Stun
Quake - Shockwave with more damage

Poison Attack - Magic, 1 enemy, Poison
Darkness Attack - Magic, 1 enemy, Blind
Poison Nova - Magic, all enemies, Poison
Dark Shroud - Magic, all enemies, Blind
Root - Magic, 1 enemy, Poison and Stun
Outbreak - Magic, all enemies. Poison, Blind, Sleep(override by Stun), Stun and Slow

Frost Strike - Magic, 1 enemy
Howling Blast - Physical, all enemies, Slow
Piercing Blow - Physical, 1 enemy, Slow, High damage
Triton's Wrath - Physical, all enemies, hits 3 times, Slow

Ice Bolt - Magic, 1 enemy
Blizzard - Magic, all enemies
Icy Chill - Magic, all enemies, Slow
Winter's Grasp - Magic, 1 enemy, Slow

Bahamut(small blue dragon) Monster Disk - Party gets Attack Up, Magic Up, Defense Up, MDef Up. Maybe Regen?

Bunch(skeleton lich) Monster Disk - Magic, all enemies. Damage is much higher than what your own party members can deal.

Fury(a purple guitar?) Monster Disk - Magic, 1 enemy.

Feeding the Slime
* Slime must be fed 5 times.
* Quality of food will influence item quality. Give your slime only high quality food so that he gives you Legendary items or stat boosting potions. There is no fixed recipe to get specific items.

My Tips/Notes:
* Tristam is weak; he has few "all enemies" attacks and even fewer spells that inflict status effects. However, he can do a lot of damage against bosses with Omnislash and Rocket Launcher. Best played as a Rogue.

* Kaeli has the best magic - great for Mage and Healer. Her "Heal All" is available at level 10, while Phoebe and Reuben only get them at level 18 and 15 respectively. I recommend playing Kaeli as a Mage over a Healer though since her level 30 heal is inferior to Reuben's. Her Rogue is decent, but it is weak compared to Kaeli's Mage capabilities.

* Phoebe is weak; her healing is horribly expensive with no useful unique healing abilities, her Fighter and Rogue can only "attack all" at high levels. Best played as Rogue though.

* Reuben is an excellent Fighter and Healer. All his Fighter skills are extremely powerful, and he has the most useful level 30 heal (Healing Water).

* The Magic stat is very important. It means you can cast more and makes all your Magic spells more powerful, including healing. This is also the reason why Greater Heal and G Heal All suck; at sufficiently high magic your normal Heal and Heal All would heal the same amount for less mana.

* Explore the whole map. This will permanently reveal the map, and by exploring you can find more items and kill more monsters for EXP. Every 2 levels has a boss and a Warp portal. Use the teleport scroll if you are too lazy to find a Warp portal.

* Go back to town and sell useless/excess stuff every 2 levels, otherwise your bag will eventually get full.

* Stock up on mana potions(Ethers) only, never buy healing potions. With a healer in your party, you can just use Heal on your party members outside of battle, plus you need to constantly refill your mana.

* Upgrade your equipment in the armory. The maximum you can upgrade is up to your current level, but you can always get equipment higher level than you are in the dungeons.

* Bosses are mostly resistant to status effects (almost immune), unless the status effect you intend to inflict is Stun, Slow or Blind. Some enemies also have specific resistances like Spiders being immune to poison. It is better to buff your own party than to debuff enemies.

* You can walk in and out of a room to reset treasure chests and re-roll the monsters in the room. Monsters can't be re-rolled if you've already slain them in that room or if there were originally no monsters there. Monsters will reset when you leave the level. You'd be lucky if you came across unique monsters (Bahamut, Bunch, Fury), but remember to fully heal up and buff yourself before facing them.

* Don't be surprised if you enter the next room immediately engaged in battle. Also note that all monsters have different line of sight, movement speed, time to react to your presence and whether they are hostile to you.

* Complete side-quests whenever you can. They are the same as the Random Dungeon feature where you'll get thrown into a 2-floor dungeon with monsters of your current level (2nd floor being a boss floor), only difference is that the side-quests will have scripted bosses and you will be given a +1AP reward.

* There are only 50 floors in the game, the 50th being the Ultimate Dargon boss fight. However, your level can exceed level 50. If you want to continue grinding beyond level 50, you'd want to play Random Dungeons rather than fight in level 49 of the Evil Cave.